Top 5 AI Patents Assignees Since 2010


I did the patent search for AI patents filling since 2010 till today. The top AI Patents Assignees are: Microsoft (6.3%), IBM (2.8%), Google (2.4%), Amazon Technologies (1.6%) and Baidu (1.2%). 

Baidu is definitely the surprise to me. It is amazing for their achievements while kept a low profile outside China.   


I have read on report from Econsight’s patent analytics show Microsoft with a commanding lead in the race for AI patents going into 2019. It is reported that ever Since 2010, there are over 154,000 patents worldwide submission related to Artificial intelligence. Most of them are health fields (29.5%), Industry-specific solutions (25.3%) and AI-based digital security (15.7%).

As I do not know what key words they were using and by when the conclude the research. I start to try to do some experiment myself through Google Patents Search. Initially, I just use artificial intelligence as key word, I found the result is not as tally with what Econsight presented. 


Then I just used three common terms for AI. ((Artificial intelligence) OR (deep learning) OR (machine learning))


Here is the result based on filing date. Among the top US giant, surprisingly I saw Baidu, the China company now is among the top five, filling AI related patents.

Followed Up:

I decided to extend the experimental researches on following areas. Will post the result and personal conclusions.

  1. Analyzing Top 5 Assignees AI ‘patents and market research on the application field. 
  2. Track on latest filling and share interesting technologies
  3. Analyzing particular technologies and comparing with market data for FUN!  I have one coming soon, I want to do AI assist landscape, subscribe with us and you will be updated once they are ready!

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