AI Terminology Simplified

Welcome to my 1st AI Blog that helps to explain AI, machine learning as well as deep learning in lay man term.

Term AI refers to Artificial Intelligence or simply put Intelligence which is not human. On higher level, you might think of AI as a broader field represented by a big circle.

Inside this big circle (or field) , we have another circle called machine learning. Meaning, machine learning is subset of AI. Simply put, machine learning is about using algorithms to analyze big chucks of data and able to learn from this data. This learning/analysis learned from data can then be used to make informed decisions. Thus creating some sort of intelligence.

Deep learning can be considered another subset (a circle) inside machine learning. The key difference here is that deep learning not only offers a way to just learn from data and make informed decision. Its also understands what basic features of data sets could be as to know what the data set could be representing (a picture of human,car,animal etc). This feature understanding help deep learning algorithms to not only learn but even make decisions on their own (coming close to human intelligence)

Plz feel free to leave a comment if you would like to ask any questions or disagree with above material.

In next post, i would be covering some types of machine learning.

Simplified Version of AI, Machine Learning and Deep learning

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